Organisation Development

We support you actively and individually to develop, establish and implement necessary  organisation processes.

Take the chance. Contact us when it is necessary to implement your own pharmacovigilance system, or it is strategic mandatory to obtain e.g. a wholesale license, or to ensure regulatory compliance - more efficiently.

Initial situation

  • At the beginning processes are usually ad hoc and more or less chaotic. Work is typically performed in an ad hoc manner and is dependent on the individual talents and motivation of people within the organisation - and not on the use of proven processes.
  • The mission is simply to get the work done, and to get it done any way that works. However, achievements cannot be repeated, because the underlying process is missing.


  • In face-to-face meetings and productive discussions we anticipate your needs and define possible goals.
  • According to your requirements and tailored to your needs we provide a convenient approach - in close collaboration with you.

We are looking forward to develop and implement processes according to your requirements and tailored to your needs.