Leaflet for visually handicapped and blind people

The German Drug Law stipulates thar Marketing Authorisation Holder should make the patient information leaflet available to blind and visually handicapped people in an appropriate form.

For this purpose, the Red List PatientInfo Service, in cooperation with the German Blind and Visually Impaired Persons Association (DBSV e.V.), offers a corresponding service: On the PatientInfo service website, everyone can search for specific medicines and view usage information in the desired format, download or read aloud.

Are you looking for someone to carry out the creation of the user information for the visually impaired and the blind?

CSO Pharma supports you     

  • creation of the corresponding formats (MP3 file, packed daisy book (digital accessible information system),     
  • creation of the patient leaflet as a PDF file in large format    
  • review and upload on the portal of the PatientInfo service,     
  • Continuous update and providding the current version on the PatientInfo service website.

We will answer all your questions about this service competently and independently. We are looking forward to your request.