Online Surveys

Imagine to have a questionnaire that respondents really want to respond to and that reflects your own corporate design?

With our services you can collect respondent’s opinion in an anonymous way and in full compliance with local data protection laws. We gather not only the data in our central data archives but also generate immediate value adding analysis saving your internal efforts. All of this comes for a very affordable price. We offer:

Development of an online questionnaire

  • Layout of your choice Multiple types of questions (gab text, slider, ranking, choice, scale)
  • Graphic and/or numeric response scales
  • Inclusion of pictures, audio files and movies


  • Access control by password, IP address or by personalised link via email
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Questionnaire pre-test
  • Support of multiple languages
  • Real-time response control
  • Panel-surveys

We are looking forward to your enquiry. In close cooperation with you we work out a practicable concept to accomplish facts.

Medical enquiries

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Product information

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