Medical Enquiries / Hotline

CSO Pharma enables you to answer your medical and scientific enquiries at all hours competent and friendly and to check the status of your medical enquiries online at any time. Additionally you find current statistics and get important strategic reports.

Receipt and processing of enquiries

  • 24x7 hotline (if wanted 0800 number)
  • Dedicated email-address for your enquiries
  • Medinfo Fax
  • Quality control
  • Completely quality-assured environment
  • Medical and strategic analysis
  • Initial receipt and processing of case safety reports as regulatory required
  • Professional receipt of product quality complaints

You are always up-to-date

  • 24x7 online access to your enquiries
  • Audit trail and consistent gapless documentation
  • You have to wait no longer for final data. You can see at any time-point, how the processing of enquiries is going on.

FAQ development

  • Consistent and solid fact-based answers 
  • Meaningful keywords and source documentation
  • Ongoing updates and adjustments reflecting the current state of science
  • Categorisation of enquiries related to topics and users (e.g. patients and health care professionals)
  • Actual statistical data


  • Each client has a unique log-in and access rights.
  • You can feel confident to be the only one with access to your project and data.

Contact us for further details. We are looking forward to you enquiry.